Monday, September 12, 2016

My Perfect Day

I wake up next to my ideal man in my tiny house in Italy. I don´t use an alarm clock but nevertheless wake up early. The first thing I do is to let the dogs out and go into my little garden that is full of herbs, fruit and vegetables. The garden is always full of fragrance and every season has it´s own crop of vegetables. Sometimes I can pick a small tomato from the plant, it explodes warm in the mouth and tastes like the mediterranian sun. Other times I can reach up and pick some grapes from the vine or a fig from the tree. For breakfast I like to eat a bowl of fruit. After a quick shower we both do a work session in our home office, we bounce ideas off each other and support each other´s business ventures. We have a nice lunch and a nap after. In the afternoon we go on a trip to the beach, which is quite close. After an afternoon of sun and sea and cocktails on the beach we come home and cook a healthy meal from homegrown vegetables and herbs. Some friends come over for dinner and bring local wine. We sit for a long time in the garden, chatting, singing, guitar playing and enjoying the dolce vita.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Discovering my why

My best friend likes to remind me of the day we first met. We were both 5 years old and her grandmother came to visit my mum and brought her granddaughter because they thought we should meet. I was proud to be able to offer my new friend a seat at my little kid´s table in our living room. We started with the classic conversation "what do you want to do when you grow up?". My response then and ever since was that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to work with animals and help them to have the best life possible while in the care of human animals. When I finally reached my dream of becoming a veterinarian and started my dream job in small animal veterinary practice I noticed that so many dogs and cats were being euthanized because of behavioural problems. Having gone through the pain of euthanizing my own dog because of a serious behavioural problem I understood the feelings of these owners. But there was not enough time in the clinical setting to help them. So I started to learn behavioural medicine and eventually stopped working in clinical practice and began devoting my time to helping pet owners prevent and solve behavioural problems. I´m excited to teach people how to achieve more harmony in their relationship with their pet so that everyone can enjoy life more.

Eventually I discovered that I could follow my passion and also live a freedom lifestyle. It may sound silly but one of the most appealing things about working from home is the ability to set my own hours and not wake up to the sound of an alarm clock.

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Finding my focus

1. I think one of my biggest challenges is my money blocks. I was brought up by a single parent who never had much money and always told that rich people were dishonest and that honest people would never become rich. My parents were not together and I never had much contact with my dad as a kid, but he would always have money and buy me expensive presents instead of spending time together. This made me think that being poor was a virtue and that I should just be thankful for what I have and not seek financial rewards. I chose a profession from the heart without thinking about financial rewards. I still have feelings of guilt when I charge for my services, even though I know that I provide excellent value to my clients. I´m getting better at adopting an abundance mindset, but it´s still a challenge.

2. Another challenge is procrastination. I´m very good at it. I get easily overwhelmed when I have a large task or many projects going on and end up waisting too much time on social media, reading, chatting with friends or other distractions instead of getting started on my projects. This problem was less of a problem for me when I was working as a vet in a veterinary clinic where your day is pretty much planned ahead for you and there is not even time to take a coffee break or lunch even. So I´m used to working in a high intensity environment, although I now realize that in the end it was causing me a lot of stress and I was on the brink of burnout when I decided to take a break from it all. Moving to Italy was definately a way for me to learn a whole new way of living, enjoying life instead of just racing to the finish line/an early grave. But now I have to find a balance between enjoying the dolce vita and getting shit done!

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